Teaching has been my passion for approximately twelve years. My major is Mathematics/Middle School Extension. In other words, I can teach grades 1-9. I will teach math, social studies, language arts, and science to grades 1-6. Grades 7-9, I will teach strictly mathematics.

I want to be an educator that can convey information to students without being unclear. A lot of people who call themselves educators, cannot get the information across clearly to their students, I will be that difference. The teaching profession needs more people like myself.


Activity: My Practice ~ My philosophy of teaching is as simple as this, everyone present in my classroom is considered to be a thinker, learner, and teacher. For example, while my students learn from me, I will be learning from them as well. I call it the circle of knowledge. The more I get educated, the more my philosophy of teaching will continue to grow over time.

Dave likes to use a community curriculum. Since I will be teaching grades 1-9, I think that having a set curriculum would be needed. If needed, I would modify the lesson plans as I go on. I know that every child in my classroom will not be on the same page, but that is ok.