Assignment: I would like you to make a video of you singing a multiplication song of the times tables that you often forget. Make up your own song. Remember to BE CREATIVE! You can use rhyming words, tunes, foods, places, anything you like.


  1. I love this assignment! I am going to have my little sister do this assignment πŸ˜€ it will probably help her remember her times table better!

  2. this is a cool assignment i would have liked to have heard you sing a song, and i like how you outline each part using a different color.

  3. I’m guilty of always taking a sneak peak behind my marble notebook 😑 lol .. This is a Great & Fun assignment for you students. I think they would really enjoy it & it would be very helpful. You did an awesome job explaining everything!

  4. Making up songs for the times table is awesome
    I remember my mom bought my sister a CD that had songs from all the multiplication numbers… this way students memorize the song and they learn.
    Great Job!!

  5. LOL i remember my mom keeping me up till morning learning the times tables, now i would never forget them… its a good idea to do a song i tend to remember lyrics like nothing and for some reason kids love to sing good job !

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